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God in the Constitution – David Barton, WallBuilders.com

Is America’s Constitution truly a Godless Constitution? The Founding Fathers who wrote and ratified it certainly didn’t think so! Not only did several of the delegates openly acknowledge God’s hand in its formation, but numerous of them acknowledged specific Biblical passages that directly affected its formation. For example, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and John Adams all credited Jeremiah 17:9 for providing the principle undergirding the separation of powers. The principles in several other Biblical passages were directly incorporated into the Constitution, including Deuteronomy 17:15 and the Article II, Section 1 provision that a president must be a natural-born citizen. Then compare the Article III, Section 3 constitutional provision regarding witnesses and capital punishment with Deuteronomy 17:6. Or the Article III, Section 3 constitutional prohibition against attainder (that is, against punishing the whole family for the acts of one of its members) with Ezekiel 18:20. And several Founders cited Exodus 18:21 as the basis of republicanism, found in Article IV, Section 4. Ezra 7:24 establishes the type of tax exemptions that the Founders gave to our churches, and there are many other passages that provide a direct influence on the Constitution.

We have produced a new CD or MP3, God in the Constitution, that points out the many reasons from our Founding Fathers themselves demonstrating that the Constitution is definitely not Godless. Hear what they say not only about Bible verses such as those above but also about how the Bible shaped the “Sundays Excepted” Clause; the Oath Clauses; the Attestation Clause; the Common Law; and many other specific parts of the Constitution.

About WilsonNCTeaParty

The Wilson NC Tea Party is a grassroots, non-partisan movement for liberty and freedom that crosses racial, denominational, and political party lines. We are Independents, Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans. We are black, white, red, brown, and yellow. We are Catholics and Protestants, young and old, male and female and we are unified around the Judeo-Christian principles and values of our founding. We are bringing “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” to the table to be a grassroots voice within Wilson County that stands for constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility. We put principle before party and vote for those who are most aligned with our values, regardless of their political party affiliations. We put integrity and character before flowery words and polished personas. We put common sense before utopian ideals and progressive paradigms. To learn more about us and to find out how you can get involved, go to https://wilsonncteaparty.wordpress.com/about.


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The Wilson NC Tea Party (WNCTP) does not endorse candidates on the federal, state, or local levels. We are simply pointing our fellow citizens to the principles and values of our founding so that they will be able to vote, in the primary and general elections, for those candidates who are most aligned with those principles and values. With that said all candidate-related posts are for education purposes only.

Also, the views and opinions shared as comments on the WNCTP Blog, by its various members, do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the WNCTP leadership and volunteer base. Since the WNCTP is "Of The People, For The People, By The People" and believes in the First Amendment, we cannot and will not deny any member their right to "free speech" regarding their political and/or policy positions, but our tolerance of their views does not necessarily reflect consent.

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