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DONE with the Parties!

Right has become wrong and wrong has become right. The elitists, power-players and special-interests in both parties have prostituted themselves for power, reputation, kickbacks, special favors, pomp and circumstance, and whatever else feeds their lusts. They exchange the timeless, self-evident principles of America’s founding for their own interests (or the interests of their “buddies”) and do not care about “We the People” until they need our votes (which many voters gladly give in exchange for a government check in one form or another). They love their seats of influence on their various committees and sell their souls – little by little at first – for the promise of even more power, which tends to corrupt the unprincipled. They profane common sense, spend money they do not have (actually, they have no money besides what the taxpayers are forced to give them), break the law they took an oath to uphold, break campaign promises they made to garner our support, and “frame and hide their unrighteous doings under [the sacred name of] law?” (Psalm 94:20 AMP)


Meet the donkephant!

We’ve sold our principles for power in our parties and this is especially true in the GOP. We’ve always known what to expect from the Democrats; at least they say what they believe. The establishment candidates in the GOP, on the other hand, tells us what we want to hear. They run as Conservatives who love freedom and the Constitution, but then, when they’ve won because we believed them and voted for them, they revert to who they’ve always really been – big government Progressives who love power and money. And this isn’t new. We’ve been betrayed and lied to by “our own” since the dawn of the Progressive Era in the 1890s. And those who think Obama and the Democrats or McConnell and the Republicans are the problem, do not understand that the real problem is big government Progressivism, along with the nefarious love of power and money. The political, ruling class in both parties (i.e. McConnell, Pelosi, Christie, Obama, Bush, Sanders, McCain, Biden, Graham, Clinton, Tillis, Boxer, Burr, etc.) are all the same. They play us for fools, trying to make us think the Rs and Ds are so different, when they’re not. They try to convince us that their party is the solution and the other party is the problem, but they are both the problem. They are both progressive. They are both irrelevant.

This is why I left the GOP. I am done with the games. I am done with the parties [Note: The Founders WARNED us against the parties!]. I am done with the false choice and voting for “the better of both evils” when “the better” has proven (ad nauseam) to be no better than its counterpart. When will we stop letting them play us for fools? The first time they fooled us, it was “shame on them.” The next time they fooled us it was “shame on us.” Now, after they’ve fooled us election cycle after election cycle (thanks, in large part, to our short memories and blind loyalty) for the last several decades, do we not deserve the appropriate title of “fools”? When will we stop this madness? When will we stop believing that doing the same thing over and over and over again will somehow produce a different result? Are we insane? It’s time for us to stop empowering them with our money, volunteerism, votes, etc. It’s time to do what we’ve never done before.

The solution?

To my Democrat and Republican friends, leave the parties. Visit your local Board of Elections and switch to unaffiliated. This will allow you (1) to be free from both parties, (2) to be free to choose which party you can vote for in the Primary just as you can already do in the General, (3) to be free to vote for candidates and issues rather than be enslaved to a party that doesn’t hear you or define you, and (4) to be free to remain engaged in party activities without being isolated and limited to a party.


It’s time to put principles ABOVE politics!

Then, after you’ve switched, research each and every candidate. Stop listening to what they say. Talk is dirt cheap! Instead, study their voting records, their track records, what they’ve done. By their fruit you will know them. Then, when the time comes and a viable candidate appears, who matches your personal values, vote for them on their own merits, not because they have an (R) or a (D) or an (I) behind their names but because they are aligned with your personal values. And, if there’s no candidate in a particular race who meets your standards, vote by not voting. In the end, our vote or non-vote may not change anything but at least we’ll finally be true to ourselves as responsible stewards of our votes before our Maker rather than before a party.

Unfortunately, too many of us still put too much blind trust in our politicians at the expense of being reasonable and objective and of holding them to the high standard of their oaths of office, as well as to their campaign promises. We give a pass to our favorite party and politician(s) and scold the other party and politician(s) whenever they’re guilty of the same infractions. We’ve allowed the parties and many politicians to become gods to be worshipped rather than servants of “We the People.” We need leaders who are humble servants (Proverbs 16:17-19; 18:12). Those who cannot be questioned or held accountable bring shame and dishonor to their office and insult those who gave them their trust. At some point, “We the People” need to see our leaders for who they really are, regardless of their political affiliation, and we need to resolve to rid our city, county, state and nation of their rule if they fail to pass our personal smell tests. But that requires us as individuals — if we are wise and honest — to become the people our posterity and our nation are worthy of. Until we change, nothing will change. If we continue to put our personal interests above principle and continue to put short-term pay-offs above long-term solutions, we will get everything we deserve. I pray we wake up soon. The clock is ticking.

— Written by Joel M. Killion

Joel M. Killion


About WilsonNCTeaParty

The Wilson NC Tea Party is a grassroots, non-partisan movement for liberty and freedom that crosses racial, denominational, and political party lines. We are Independents, Libertarians, Democrats, and Republicans. We are black, white, red, brown, and yellow. We are Catholics and Protestants, young and old, male and female and we are unified around the Judeo-Christian principles and values of our founding. We are bringing “our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” to the table to be a grassroots voice within Wilson County that stands for constitutionally limited government, free markets, and fiscal responsibility. We put principle before party and vote for those who are most aligned with our values, regardless of their political party affiliations. We put integrity and character before flowery words and polished personas. We put common sense before utopian ideals and progressive paradigms. To learn more about us and to find out how you can get involved, go to https://wilsonncteaparty.wordpress.com/about.


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The Wilson NC Tea Party (WNCTP) does not endorse candidates on the federal, state, or local levels. We are simply pointing our fellow citizens to the principles and values of our founding so that they will be able to vote, in the primary and general elections, for those candidates who are most aligned with those principles and values. With that said all candidate-related posts are for education purposes only.

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