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The Messages of Restoring Love – Sue Dunnigan, SuesBlogOnFaithandFreedom

Note from Joel Killion (WilsonNCTeaParty.com moderator): My mom and my Uncle Bob and Auntie Sue went to Glenn Beck’s Restoring Love 3-day event a few weeks ago. Here is my Auntie’s testimony of those few wonderful days, taken directly from her blog, suesblogonfaithandfreedom.wordpress.com.

First the words which describe Glenn Beck;  faith-filled, historian, principled, visionary, compassionate, charitable, and for all this demonized and discredited.  God bless Glenn Beck who for so long has stood up showing us our history, whose love of God, family, and country have inspired and awakened the  sleeping giant across this great country as well as freedom fighters across the world to stand up.  We came to Dallas hoping to experience an inspirational moment in time. We came seeking solutions, direction, to be charitable, to share stories, and to be a part of history.   Besides experiencing all of these,  we were witness to miracles.

It began with the largest gathering of patriots ever assembled.  We heard the words of national heroes.  They shared the founding principles upon which America began and some have forgotten;  that by our Creator we have been given the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  That all should have equal opportunity, not necessarily equal outcome;  that in American anyone can succeed with hard work and responsibility; that the road map to equality is the Constitution which limits the size and scope of government; that God made a Covenant with America to be the greatest nation ever on the earth; but now He has been pushed from the public square and to this, we must push back.  We must again turn to God and to the principles which have given us our freedoms.  A miracle; to know that we are not alone and that “We the People” will not allow our freedoms to taken from us.

Restoring love continued on Friday with ”Under God Indivisible” the largest gathering of clergy including  rabbis, priests, protestant ministers, evangelicals;  all part of the Black Robe Brigade which began at the time prior to the American Revolution.  It was the churches which preached liberty, God’s plan for the new Republic, and freedom for Man.  It was the first Great Awakening.  It was the churches which became targets of the British knowing that one way to conquer a people is to take away their faith.  The event featured thirty religious leaders speaking to Faith, Family, and Freedom in America. These brave clergy did the hard thing.  In a country where religious freedom is held dear,  they choose to stand together as Believers, as witnesses for the salvation of the Republic.  Each had a message to share, but all were of one mind.  It is time to come together as a people united, who worship the same God.  They spoke of this being the most important election since 1860. They stressed the importance of all Christians and Jews exercising their right to vote.  Only 50% of Christians are registered and only 50% of those registered do vote.  Their closing words resound: Vote what you know to be right and true.  Parties are flawed.  They are of men.  Vote your values, principles, and morals that are of God. The miracle;  Men of God came together as the 3rd Great Awakening has begun.  They vowed to carry this message to churches and synagogues across our land!

Also on this day, the largest charity mission ever assembled without a declared emergency was happening.  Under the auspices of Mercury One, the charity branch of Beck’s company over 35,000 volunteers from five to eighty-five from across America were bussed to 304 individual sites to help others in need.  From cleaning and restoring parks to helping individuals restore homes and businesses, this labor of love throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Area reminds all of us of our call to help our others daily.  We need to build each other up through word and deed.  So that when disaster happens, we are ready to be Christ to one another. To see the faces of the families who worked together,  of the teams which established lifelong ties was inspiring!  We must be our brothers’  keeper and not allow the government to regulate away our ability to serve one another. The miracle;  See the fruits of this labor of love spread across our land and multiply!  We will be the people who lead by example.

As this service project was happening, 14 semis were being loaded with food stuffs provided by all who had come to Dallas as well as those who had donated to Mercury One.  Over 1,000,000 meals were rolling out from Dallas Cowboy Stadium to fourteen cities across America.  Did you hear or see any of this event on main stream media including Fox News?

On Saturday, we attended a Womens’ Conference on Faith.  It featured leaders among women.  The message of these women and one man was this:  the strength of women of faith throughout our history, the role of faith in decision-making in our everyday lives,  in raising our families, and in our careers.  Among the speakers were Tanya Beck, Monica Crowley, David Barton, and Michelle Bachman.  The experience allowed us to see the impact faith has had in shaping these very dynamic people.  Maybe someday, once again in America, they will be able to share their faith to all without being vilified by our media.  Faith speaks volumes about one’s character and it certainly helped us to know the hearts of these fine people.

On Saturday evening we were privileged to be a part of a sold out audience in Dallas Cowboy Stadium to witness history.  Glenn Beck presented Restoring Love.  The message:  In order to restore America, we need to be the people we once were.  We have allowed the secular religion to take over our culture, its music, its entertainment, its books, its voice.  We have stood back and allowed tasteless and often morally offensive themes to permeate our airways.  It is time to take it back.  To be a faith-filled people we have to live it.  We have to be God’s people and support his ideas for us.  So Glenn has begun a search for entertainers who haven’t sold out to the system.  He introduced us to several  All can be heard on itunes and spotify.  Kalei turned down a huge recording contract which was later given to Amy Winehouse.  Enough said!  Tom Douglass wrote and performed several amazing songs.    “Gettysburg”, “America’s Son,Washington”,”From A Birmingham Jail” teach more history than most history books   The theme song of the event was “Hold Us Together” performed by Matt Maher.  The other focus of the event was learning our real history, not the history our children are learning in school. All references to God and His importance in the lives of US leaders has been scrubbed.   The Constitution is no longer being taught so most Americans don’t know what it says or how it should work. Even the Ten Commandments are not known to many.  These important pieces of our history are considered  dusty, old-fashioned ideas and thus are rarely given the attention they are due.  It is time to change all of this.  It is time to learn who we are and what we stand for!  Sitting and singing together, there was real Hope and one could  feel real Change coming.  Please take a chance!   Try GBTV soon to be THEBLAZE  for the real news, the real history,  and join a movement to be One Nation Under God!


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